About Great Estate Consignment Shop

Marcie & Bobbie

With one idea and multiple cans of apple green paint, Bobbie Cameron and Marcie Reber opened the doors of the Great Estate Consignment Shop in the spring of 2008. Today, the shop thrives and has become a go-to destination for that long sought after piece or something unique that is found just for the fun of it.

Bringing a shared background of business experience and passion for home furnishings, these two friends have collaborated to bring a unique retail experience to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. While driving together to Junior League meetings over 25 years ago, Bobbie and Marcie always talked about one day having a shop together. Both girls agreed that a furniture consignment shop would be the perfect business for them, not to mention the fun they would have consigning and selling the things they loved most!

Great Estate brims with wonderful furniture and accessories that are well priced and in good to excellent condition. Items find their way to the sunny corner storefront via consigners who are redecorating, downsizing, moving in or out of the area, or just cleaning out. Careful consideration is given to each piece before Bobbie and Marcie accept it for consignment. Their quality, style and design requirements are all evident as soon as you enter this shop with the apple green walls!

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